Nov 18, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Turkey Tutorial

This would make a cute addition to any Thanksgiving table. The new multi-color pipecleaners from Creatology really make the project, and you can get all these supplies at your neighborhood Michaels.

1. Here’s all the supplies you need. Note: it takes about two pipe cleaners to make one turkey.

2. Make a small ball from the clay, and a tube and beak and waddle. The quarter in the photo is for size reference.

3. Attach the tube to the body, and the beak and waddle to the tube.

4.  Cut each pipecleaner into thirds, fold into a loop, twist at the bottom, and stick into the clay.

5. Repeat placing pipe cleaners until the back is full. Let dry overnight.

6. Paint the body, the beak and waddle with the acrylic paint. When dry, add two eyes with the marker.


thefisherlady said...

this is very sweet~ would be fun for the kids big and small~

Alexis said...

Thank you for the great ideas on your blog! We made these turkeys today and they turned out so cute!