Nov 1, 2011

My Neighborhood Drawing

Third grade students in my school have a neighborhood theme with their reading work right now, so I thought I’d try out a map-type project for them. It worked well as students began with some guidelines but then were then left to add things on their own.
1. Each student got an 11" x 17" sheet of cardstock paper, printed with very light gridlines you can download HERE. I had cardboard rectangles (8.5" x 5") for students to stack and trace to divide the paper into 3 sections.
2. The middle block was saved for our school, drawn flat to keep things simple. Streets and cars could be added, but no people as they often turn out to be a distraction.
3. The “block” above and below could be any building in the area, drawn in pencil and then traced with marker.
4. Art was filled in with colored pencil. I liked how students were engrossed in remembering all the buildings in our neighborhood as they made their art.


Kim H. said...

I love this! The link didn't work for some reasons and I would love to do this with my 3rd graders. Thank You!

Kathy Barbro said...

Thanks for the notice about the link Kim, I just fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Do you still happen to have the grid paper? The link isn't working for me :-)

Kathy Barbro said...

I just fixed the download link, it should work now. Please note it is sized for 11" x 17" paper.