Nov 16, 2011

Kandinsky Watercolor Painting

This project worked really well with my last afterschool watercolor class. And that was with over 40 kids (kinder through 5th) in one not-so-large art room! I'll add my tips on how to paint with these conditions below.
PREP: I pre-printed the grid lines on letter-size watercolor paper using my file posted HERE. About 80 spillproof cups with a variety of Dick Blick Student Liquid Watercolor paints were also set up before class.
1. With Kandinsky’s original painting in view, students drew concentric circles in each square with a crayon (no need to start with pencils). They were to press really hard to make a wall that would help keep colors from running together. They also traced the straight, computer-printed lines.
2. Using the liquid watercolors, students could take one color and use it randomly throughout their drawing, then go on to another. It would speed things up and allow paint to dry to minimize bleeding. I also now leave a roll of paper towels on each table to catch the inevitable spills. That’s it, I think this would make a great fundraising project.


Some Kind of One-derful said...

I did a version of this same piece of Kandinsky art with my Gr. 1 kids. They really loved it and are all avid Kandinsky fans now. I've posted a picture of it on my classroom blog 'Some Kind of One-derful'. I love the finished product so much, we've decided as a class to leave it up for the rest of the year. Thanks for sharing yours! ~ Becky

tianakaczor said...

I teach teens most of the time, but will be filling in for some summer classes with 4 to 8 yr olds and needed some simpler art projects. The lessons I've looked at tonight have given me some great ideas, and sparked some of my own ideas from my brain's creative bank. Thanks for the inspiration.