Nov 10, 2011

Cat Collage Art Journal Page

The Strathmore Art Journal Kits I've been using come with an assortment of colored paper pages. I’ve found that kids as young as kinder can make some great collage work, they just need extra guidance with the cutting.
1. Students got to pick a 4" paper square, and then rounded the bottom corners with a scissors to make the cheeks. Two triangles were cut from matching paper to add on top for ears. All were glued down to a colored journal page.
2. Features on the face are all very geometric: triangles inside the ears, half circle eyes, triangle nose, rectangular nose bridge and whisker strips. All were cut from other samples of colored paper and glued down with a glue stick.
3. The eye pupils and mouth were drawn in with a marker. A message about a cat was written below.
NOTE: You can buy these Art Journal Kits online at

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Calling All Sleepyheads said...

Was wondering where you purchased your kits-couldn't find any pricing or ordering info from this link. I would love to get these for my own kids and try them out-looks like a fun kit!