Oct 2, 2011

How to Draw an Owl

My students really enjoyed learning how to draw this owl last week.
1. Follow the steps shown above to make this pencil drawing of an owl.
2. All the pencil lines are traced with a black marker.
3. The owl is colored in with crayon or colored pencil.
Thank you Cassius for letting me share your adorable owl.


artteacher said...

Did you use a template for the body of the owl?

Kathy Barbro said...

No, I didn't use a template. I just asked the kids to start by making a big letter U that filled the paper. It worked pretty well, there were only a few "baby" owls in the group. :)

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing this - I love owls lately, and this will be a fun way to incorporate my love of owls into our homeschool.

CORM365 said...

Love this project! My husband and I are missionaries and we recently had the brother to the publisher of the book "Molly the Barn Owl" ( http://mollytheowlbooks.com/ ) come to visit us at our school in Ghana and he shared a copy of the book with our kids. The kids love the book so much and are now so interested in owls.
Can't wait to share this fun project with them!
Thank You!!