Apr 17, 2011

Egg Decorating from Macedonia

Lila Arsova, a teacher from Veles, Macedonija, recently sent me this wonderful series of photos showing how she decorated her eggs with some very colorful springtime napkins. I think her step-by-step pictures say it all, and cross any language barrier that might come between us. I personally have never seen any treatment quite like this, and am amazed at how beautiful the eggs are, not to mention the lovely documentation of them. Thank you Lila for taking time out to share your amazing creativity.
Note: I believe that the photos pretty clearly demonstrate the process, with the exception that Lila’s uses egg white to attach the napkin to the egg. What a great way to keep the process all natural.


coco.nut said...

this technique is called decoupage (you can google it ;)
I used it with children as well - they love it!

coco.nut said...

I forgot to write - eggs are great!!!

Tess said...

wonderful and soooo pretty....

mrs. c said...

I have done this technique with napkins before but not on eggs. be sure to peel the back piece of paper off the napkin, the nice ones are 2 or 3 ply.

ChrisJoeCacia said...

Hi Mrs. Kathy
Would you mind me sharing this with some of my friends on line? I think many people would love this idea.
Thank you in advance!

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi Carla,
You can share the project, I just want to be sure that Lila Arsova gets credit for it.



ChrisJoeCacia said...

Sure I will, I will post it as it is from your page, it is so interesting!

Thank you in advance!