Jan 20, 2011

“Cool Hands, Warm Heart”

This idea comes from Monica in Portland, Oregon who added a wonderful twist (the center heart) to my “Warm Hands” template. Monica works with patients at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and wrote “it’s a beautiful project to do – for obvious reasons – but also because ANYONE can do it no matter how young or old, sick or healthy.” I love it and all the Valentine possibilities. You can find more of Monica’s ideas at www.thecraftjunkieblog.com.


:o) Rachel said...

I just made these with my Kindergartener, 3rd grader, and 4th grader. They loved it! Thanks for the idea. LOVE your blog!!!

schooledinlove said...

I just purchased these for my 5th/6th grade class. They had a good time with it, and they all turned out very nicely. I would recommend this download to any teacher with an art class. Not that it matters, but the templates I received didn't have the heart in them. It wasn't a big deal, but other people ordering it might want to know ahead of time. Instead of the heart, it was just a dot in the center of the rings.