Mar 17, 2012

Homemade St. Patrick’s Day Card

I made this card with just a little watercolor paint and a gold paint marker. The markers are not cheap, but add a special touch if you can afford them.
1. I drew many stems and 3-leaf clovers lightly in pencil, filling up the paper as much as possible.
2. Using a small watercolor brush, I painted the outline of each clovers leaf and filled them in with green watercolor paint.
3. I then added more water to the paint and filled in the background with the lighter green, leaving a halo of white around each clover.
4. When the paint dried, I traced the stems and veins with my gold paint marker.


Annaira said...

I'm a teacher...I like this blog!
Really interesting!
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Cindy said...


I would LOVE to include this tutorial as a guest post at Shining Dawn Books!

We have written a series of nature study units and use our blog posts to encourage homeschoolers (and others) to make nature study a part of their curriculum.

This would be a super post to teach our readers how to create a nature journal page as they observe clovers this spring.

We would include a picture/bio of you and link to your site as well. What do you think?

You can email me at

Cindy West

AimeƩ said...

Hi! Thanks for a great idea! I just linked to this blog entry at my blog here:

Brooke said...

The teaher in me loves the simplicity of this project! We featured you today on our blog. Thanks for the great idea!


karen said...

Totally reminds me a spring! Nice job looks great. The parade here was awesome yesterday for St. Patty's day