Dec 24, 2011

Nutcracker: Oil Pastel on Black Paper

This is a breakdown of my Nutcracker drawing project, this time using oil pastels on black construction paper.
My large construction paper comes in 18" x 24" size, so I cut long narrow panels of 8" x 24" for each student. Each also got a cardboard template measuring 7" x 4".
1. Following the steps shown in my diagram, the students first placed the rectangle in the middle of the black paper, and traced it with a pencil.
2. Two vertical lines are drawn up from the top of the rectangle, and one horizontal to divide that shape in half.
3. The bottom of that rectangle is the face, and eyes, mouth, moustache, beard and hair are added.
4. Half-circles are drawn for shoulder pads, arms and hands go below.
5. Two legs are added under the body, with half-circle feet for boots.
6. Uniform details are drawn on the body, along with a belt.
7. I had my students then trace all the pencil lines with a black pastel, and then color the body in with lots of red, black, white, and a little skin color.
California Visual Arts Standard: Creative Expression 2.0
2.6 Use geometric shapes/forms (circle, triangle, square) in a work of art.
This Nutcracker was drawn by Luc, a talented 2nd grader.


Katie said...

Hey:) I just have to tell you when I saw these the other day I thought they looked slightly difficult to break down. BUT--they really are NOT! I decided to give it a go and my 3rd graders LOVED them and felt SO successful :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!!

Kathy Barbro said...

Thanks Katie,
I have to say I hadn't done this project for awhile and really loved what my kids did with it last week too. I think it's because they are forced to use the entire paper, which makes me think that process must be good for other drawings too. I just have to figure out which ones....

Erin said...

I did this at home with my little first grader and she was so proud of herself and her finished creation! It is already framed and in a place of honor - just in time for the holidays!
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent not only for art but for teaching it!

Anonymous said...

as a stay at home mom with a limited income I've decided to start giving art classes to homeschooled kids. (There are lots in NC) Your site has provided me with alot of age appropriate material. I'm doing this project with a tlented 8 year old tomorrow on a canvas panel with acrylic paints and a sharpie. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas and talent. I feel like I have a shot at a side business because of you.
With great gratitude, Daryl

pants said...

can I have my 3rd graders cut the cardboard out too?

Art Docent said...

Love this...but would it be too hard for a class of first graders with only one session to work on it?

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi Art Docent,

I had most kids finish in one class. My kids are no speed demons, and nearly all of them finished, as I recall.

Isaac M said...

Excellent stuff! I presume a lot of kids would end up producing some really unique figures :)

Kristalyn (Learning is Messy) said...

i love how they can use simple shapes to make the nutcracker. i am using this idea in a post i am writing for an Advent Countdown. could i use your pic from your post? i will give you credit and link back to you. please email me at getdownandgetyourhandsdirty at gmail dot com.

Sharon Roe said...

Love this idea. If you don't mind I'm going to post this on my school art mom website so we can do it this week in a few
I'll be sure to credit you and post back. Thanks!!