Dec 2, 2009

Crayon Resist Snowflakes

If you go to the holiday decoration section at Michael’s, you can find these amazing laser-cut wood snowflake decorations that are cheap (about three for $1) and perfect for making crayon rubbings. These are the same snowflakes I used for the Plaster Paperweight project.
1. I made this picture with a white crayon, but younger students could use bright colors they could see more easily. I placed the snowflake under my paper, and rubbed over it with the side of a large crayon, going back and forth in many directions.
2. Liquid watercolor was painted over all the picture, and dabbed with a paper towel to soak up the paint on the crayon.


Kangaroo said...

this is beautiful--we'll be trying it over here! thank you!

Jane said...

Great idea-I think I'll try this!

Sam said...

What a wonderful idea, I can't wait to do this project, thank you!

Viagra Online Without prescription said...

These are lovely Snowflakes drawings!
The matter of the fact is that it was a boom in the whole classroom