May 13, 2009

Finish the Picture #2

This is what another student did last week with my “Finish the Picture” project. She started with a fashion magazine photo, and made this very stylish image.
1. Students start by cutting out a small magazine picture, one that inspires them. A glue stick was used to attach the photo to a piece of watercolor paper.
2. The students are to “finish the picture” first with a pencil, and then color it in with watercolor pencils. (Prismacolor® pencils were used for this drawing.) Water is painted carefully over the colored areas, which turns the pencil into paint.
This picture was created by a creative 5th grader.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea!! Thank you for it...popular with each of my h/s children aged 16,14, 12, 7 years.....different outcome and sophistication depending on gender and age and life outlook.
Patricia, New Zealand