May 6, 2010

How to Draw a Cat

I've never had a student say that they didn't want to draw a cat. They make a great subject matter for boys and girls of all ages.
1. I first made 3.5" cardboard circle templates. Each student was instructed to place their circle near the top left of an 8.5" x 11" paper. The circle is traced, and then slid down near the bottom of the paper, and traced again, very lightly.
2. The cat body is drawn by making curves that go from the neck down, adding space around the circle. The reason for this is that we want the bottom of the cat to be wider than the head. When complete, erase the bottom circle.
3. The eyes, nose, mouth, collar and whiskers are added.
4. The tail and leg shapes are added.
5. When the drawing is complete, all the lines are to be traced with a thin black marker. Lastly, the cat is colored in with oil pastels. Encourage a wide variety of color, and a lot of contrast between the cat and the background.


Susan said...

Hi! I really like your site and have already found some great lessons to do with my students (I teach K- 2 art). I also do a cat project with my second graders. I teach them about Andy Warhol and Pop Art. Then I show them his cat paintings from his book "25 cats named Sam." Then the students do a cat watercolor painting in a similar style--I let them paint the cat however they want. I'd be happy to share some pictures if you'd like to see them! Thanks again for your great site!

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

Wonderful site! I'm not much of an artist but I've been given the task of teaching an art club. Your ideas are fantastic and so well explained. Thank you for teaching us.

Karin Katherine said...

I loved this. Now *I* can draw a cat too! I cannot wait to do this project with my kids. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.
Karin Katherine

megha said...

well thanks for this tute

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Trish said...

Hi there! We just adopted two great kitties, so we decided to do this project to celebrate. Thanks again for such an excellent resource.

Ashley said...

I always love your projects and have to admit that great art bloggers like yourself are often my inspiration for my own art classes!
i often use margarine lids as my template, just as a time saver - and I try my best to teach my students about using materials that we can "Recycle"!

Thanks again!

photo to pencil sketch said...

really this is easy way way to draw a cat for kids, thank you.