Oct 10, 2011

Batik Crayon Pumpkins

Batik is a resist-dyeing process that originated in Indonesia. Children can simulate the look with crayons and watercolor.
1. Show the students how to draw overlapping circles to start their pumpkin picture. Stems are added near the top, and lines that radiate out curve down to the bottom. When complete, the drawing is traced with a permanent black marker.
2. The pumpkins and background need to be heavily colored in with crayons. More advanced students can try to make a highlight spot on each pumpkin by coloring it with a lighter orange. Remind them that any highlight spots should pretty much be in the same position on each pumpkin (a quick light-source talk could be added).
3. This is the fun part as students are usually shocked to see how they need to take their carefully colored picture and just crumble it into a little ball like trash. Open the balls and recrunch about 3 to 4 times until the paper starts to soften.
4. I've tried both black and dark blue liquid watercolor, which are brushed slowly over the entire paper. They students will be able to see the cracks in the paper, which absorb most of the watercolor. Smooth out and let dry.


hsing3kinder said...

Your projects are awesome!! Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I know you put a lot of time here and it is appreciated.

egretsnest said...

This looks awesome. What kind of paper do you recommend for this project?

Kathy Barbro said...

Thanks, actually any art paper is best (as opposed to printing paper) because it makes more cracks when crushed.

Kate said...

I use your website ALL_THE_TIME for help. My favorite project so far has been the symmetrical diamonds or gems...I am only a 2nd year art teacher to elementary kids, and I LOVE using your site as a resource. I tend to put up pictures a lot of the work I do with the kids, if you have time, check out my blog.

Thanks again...

crispy said...

Just found your site...FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait to send more friends your way. Looking forward to more!!!

K-Sue said...

I am one of the friends sent by Crispy. My 3rd-grade homeschooled daughter and I did these Batik Crayon Pumpkins today. And, since we had a nice picture of a maple leaf to trace, we also did Batik Maple Leaves. And since there was a photo of a gourd and a mini-pumpkin on a magazine cover, we did Batik Gourd-and-Mini-pumpkin, too. And reserved a book on batik and tie-dye at the Library. What a wonderful craft! Thank you!

larson said...

I am an art techers for kg 2 to grade 3. I did this project with my grade 2 kids and they loved every minute of doing the project. Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas.

Keep them coming.,


Anonymous said...

I did this project with my grade 2's. It worked wonderfully! I used watered down tempera instead, but it worked just the same. I tried both watercolour and tempera, and found I liked the temepra better.
Thanks again!