Jun 10, 2010

Warhol Cat Drawing

Here's a little different take on a cat drawing, one where you can focus on drawing the face, and then kind of generalize a sitting position for the body. It's actually an attempt to copy Andy Warhol's famous "Red Sam" which is a very cool painting by a very cool artist.
1. Start by drawing a large, rounded "W" in the middle of the paper, and connect the tops points together to close in the head. Add a small curve at the bottom to make a chin.
2. Add two ears that sit at angles at the top and erase the inside lines. Draw two eyes and a nose that extends down to an upside down triangle.
3. Complete the face by drawing whiskers from the cheeks. Draw the cat body around the head by adding a large curve at the top and two bumps at the sides for the hips.
4. Add feet at the bottom and a long tail wherever there is room. After the pencil drawing is complete, trace the lines with a black Sharpie marker, taking care to make the lines fuzzy and broken like fur. Distribute watercolor paint and have fun filling in your beautiful cat!


terrylynnjerry said...

This could also be listed under your Andy Warhol category. It looks just like his "Red Sam" (c. 1954. Cute!


Thank you! I did this painting so long ago that I forgot the original inspiration, which was Warhol. Duh! Now I can give credit where credit is due...

Mamawags said...

My third grade class just did this adorable cat!! We love them!! Thank you for your great ideas!

Viagra Online Without prescription said...

Actually, I hate cats, Nevertheless, I think this is such a spectacular to draw those particular animals.
My children might like to try this drawing style

Stadium Seats said...

Andy Warhol had been drawing that painting before a long time. But still it is been using for inspiration. Red SAM is always good for the artists.

Susi Büntchen said...

Hi Kathy,
I also love too Andy Warhol.
2 Years ago we appliquéd images from fabric and felt in the 4th grade.
Look here:

I made a little film about.

Greetings from Germany,

PS. Your blog is very great!