Jun 2, 2011

“Finish the Picture” Drawing

I often find that if students have an image to look at when they draw, they tend to surprise themselves in what they can do.
1. I used the internet to find animal photos that had a variety of shadows. After downloading the image and turning it black and white (thanks Photoshop!) I cropped it right down the middle and printed one side on my laser printer.
2. The students are instructed to lightly draw the edges of the missing side first, then come back and shade the sections in with their pencil. Soft drawing pencils will help them get the darkest grays and blacks possible. Encourage lots of contrast. The more range of darkness in the drawing, the better it will look.
3. I've found that students initially think of shading in just "light" and "dark" terms. They are to keep looking for details of the many shades and textures in the photo.


Nevis said...

Very cool! I always get such great ideas to pass on to my fiance here.

He teaches 4th grade and is always looking for cool ideas for the students "Fun Friday".

terrylynnjerry said...

Hey, Kathy -- LOVE the idea of using this project to teach value (especially the value scale using only shades of black and gray.) Where did you find the animal pics --- any recommendations for a good site to search?


I'm partial to www.gettyone.com. I think if you register you can download images without a watermark.

Jenny + Antony said...

I love this idea!! I am so trying this with the boys I mentor. I love your blog, so many fabulous ideas!!! Please keep posting!! You are a lifesaver!

Mrs. Skojec said...

I did this with my 7th grade back in November and it was a BIG hit! The kids loved the results and felt a huge burst of confidence after seeing what they could do! Good post! Thanks!

Mrs. Drope said...

We are reading Where The Red Fern Grows. This picture is perfect to end the book!!!

Julie French said...

Hi Kathy,

LOVE your ideas! I'm a first year art teacher and you're a great help, inspiring me with ideas I can adapt, thanks!

Question about this project - how'd you keep them from wanting to trace the missing side onto their page? I know some of my students would want to take the easy way out! I'm thinking making their half image a different size than the full image so that's impossible.