Mar 4, 2010

Glue and Pastel Landscape

Kids are SO lucky that new art supplies seem to constantly show up in stores these days. In my day, just having a 64-box set of crayons meant you were decked out.
1. I used Art Stix from Prismacolor for this picture, but any chalk pastel would work too. However, if your kids are squeemish about chalk texture, try these new Stix as they have none of that quality but all of the color. Give each student a piece of black construction paper. Have them draw, in pencil, a very simple landscape with hills, water, sun and possibly mountains.
2. When the drawing is complete, they are to trace all the lines with white glue squeezed from a bottle. Don't worry about wobbles, they end up looking nice and 'hand made' I think. Just try to not make huge puddles. Let the glue dry at least a day.
3. With either the chalk pastels or Art Stix, instruct the students to use at least two colors in each section of the picture. For example, dark and light blue for the water, dark and light green for the grass, etc. This will give the artwork some shading and depth and add a lot more interest to their work.


Sharemyart. said...

this is a good idea....your site is very inspiring....check out my cardboard cathedral with tree.


Shelly G & Hope P said...

You are right...Kids are so lucky these days... I remember my box of crayons fondly... The smell of a new box of crayons always reminds me of being little:)

Purrfect Polkadot said...

I just found your site thanks to Liz Strauss and I love it. Both of my daughters are always doing some sort of art project and will love getting inspiration from here.


Kathlene said...

This is such a great site! I shared it with a few of my friends that teach art in high school. Art was one of my favorite classes in school I wish I had had a chance to keep going with it in college, but these will be fun to do with my children!

- Kathlene
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Amy Smith said...

We loved this art project. You can see what our version turned out like at

Amy Smith

Regency Kindergarten said...

This nice glue painting with food coloring, I used the coloured white glue for painting,
But we used beads for painting, a new tool for painting yah. But the colors are not so good.
Do you have any idea to paint with colored white glue ?


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This is a very inspiring proyect!
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