Feb 25, 2010

Picasso Pastel Portraits

Pablo Picasso was one of the most prolific artists ever, and one of his contributions was cubism, the idea of looking at something from different angles. A good way to demonstrate this idea is to draw a portrait with both a front and profile view.
1. With a 9" x 12" piece of black construction paper, show the students how to draw a profile down the middle of the paper. Start at the top center, draw a forehead straight down a couple of inches, then comes a nose that ends in the center of the paper, lips below, and chin that curves up and goes off the paper. Finally, add a neck to the bottom.
2. Complete the profile face with a profile eye, and chin line that matches the opposite side.
3. Complete the front view face with an eye that looks directly out, along with a mouth and chin.
4. Add hair and any other desired detail.
5. Trace the drawing with a black oil pastel. Press hard to make a dark line.
6. Fill in all of the drawing with oil pastels, leaving no paper to show. Encourage unusual colors, as many abstract artists do.


Bloom said...

Hi Kathy! Spurred on by your encouragement of our last efforts, my children gathered around the table again on Saturday, and attempted your Picasso Pastel Portraits. Again, thanks to your wonderful instructions, they were very pleased with themselves & we all learnt just a little bit about Picasso as we went. Thank you for your blog. We are very much enjoying it. Best wishes, Ros.

amy said...

I did this with a bunch of 4th graders in Encinitas, CA and they LOVED it. We posted them in a school-wide art show because they were all so lovely & parents raved. Thanks so much for the awesome idea! Amy Forrest

Anonymous said...
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Grapefruit said...

Really love your blog! I follow quite regularly but this is the first time that I've posted a comment.
I have a kindergartner and have tried quite a few of your art projects with him which we both enjoyed.
Thanks for all the inspiration!

Janie B said...

Love this, as usual. I am sure I will use this one when I do my Picasso unit this year.

Kathy Barbro said...

Thank you Grapefruit and Janie B,
I really appreciate your taking time out to comment. Best wishes for all your art projects!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a question: what do you use to draw the profile on the black construction paper? will a regular #2 pencil will work? please advice. Thanks.

Kathy Barbro said...

Yes, a regular pencil works fine. You have to look close to see your lines, but they do show up as a kind of dark gray.

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I think this proyect will be a complete boom on next class craft activities.
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