Oct 11, 2009

Paul Klee Portrait

Paul Klee was a Swiss artist from the early 1900's who liked to turn things he saw into simple geometric shapes. His “Head of A Man” is a classic example of his philosophy.
1. In the center of a 9" x 12" sheet of paper, have the students draw a 6" circle, using a cardboard template. Below that the neck and shoulders can be drawn, but only using straight lines and angles.
2. The face may be drawn in pencil, but again only using very simple lines. Trace all with a dark crayon, pressing firmly.
3. Cut up various sheets of tissue paper, in about 3" squares. With a cup of water and a paint brush, the students are to dampen the white paper, and place up pieces of tissue on top in a grid-like format. Once the paper is covered, the tissue may be picked up and thrown away. The student will find that the tissue color has bled to the paper in irregular shapes. It is wise to test tissue paper with water first as some bleed more than others.


Anonymous said...

I tried a few different tissue papers unsuccessfully and finally went to Michael's Arts and Crafts to find that there is actually tissue paper labeled Bleeding Tissue Paper. It worked great. The second graders I did this with loved the project, and it was definitely easy enough for my child in kindergarten to do when we tested it out ahead of time at home. Thanks for the idea!

sarah said...

The Michael's by us did not have it but, Bordens, a school supply store did! Thanks for the tip about using bleeding tissue paper.

Anonymous said...

great project however I'm having problems even with Michaels bleed thru tissue. Some of the colors work, some don't :(

Kathy Barbro said...

Yes, I know what you mean about Michael's tissue paper. I'm not sure why they don't all bleed when they are labeled as such, but testing them first is recommended.

Anonymous said...

thanks for replying. I'm wanting to do this project this thursday so now I need to find another brand quickly, any suggestions?
thanks again!