Jul 23, 2010

Andy Warhol Soup Cans

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can painting has come to symbolize the pop art movement.
WEEK 1: Give the students a 9" x 12" sheet of paper, along with a 5" wide oval template that is the shape of the top of a can (in perspective). Show them how to trace one oval at near the top of the paper, slide the oval down about 7" and trace again. Connect the outside edges, erase the curve that will not show, and add the same curve to the middle of the can. After this, it is helpful for them to look at a Campbell's label to add details in their own style. I encouraged students to make up their own “flavor” and to cover all their pencil lines with a thin black marker.
WEEK 2: Prep work is needed here. Each student’s art needs to be xeroxed down 50%, and then duplicated 4 times. The students will then take all 4 copies of their original art, paste them down in a grid, and colored them in with colored pencils.


Crysta.Wagner said...

I love this site. I am a third grade teacher and always looking for new ways to introduce artists and art into my classroom. Thanks for sharing your detailed lessons and ideas!
Crysta Wagner

Kristen said...

I am getting ready to teach a art camp for kids and I just found your blog. I am SO excited! You have amazing ideas! THANK so much. =]

Jill said...

My daughters school did not have an art program so I volunteered to teach her class a project twice a month.I have very little art training, and I was thrilled to find your page. We have done five of your projects so far and they have all been so perfect. Thank you for such an awesome site.

popularart said...

A very talented artist indeed. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I do a soup can project with my 4th graders similar. Except they write their own name instead of the "Campbells" name and an adjective that describes them instead of the type of soup. A self portrait of sorts.

Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood said...

great idea with the soup cans! I am thinking of how to teach pop art in both my boys' classes this month, K & 2nd... :)
thanks again!
Sincerely, Katie