Nov 23, 2012

Abstract Winter Trees

A simple illustration I came across in a website inspired this project.
1. Give the students 2 different sizes of narrow triangle cardboard templates, and ask them to draw 3 triangles (trees) across the middle of a sheet of paper.
2. Instruct the students to draw a curvy ground line, and then connect the ground with the trees in a straight line to make the trunks. "V" shapes may be added in the trees to look like branches.
3. Show the students how to divide the background into 3 sections.
4. Ask the students to trace all their pencil lines with a crayon.
5. Give the students watercoler to paint in all the shapes they have created.
6. Use a hole punch to create lots of small white circles. With dots of white glue, add the white circles to the painted pictures.
CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade Five
2.4 Create an expressive abstract composition based on real objects.


Tess said...

Fun for me too!

Spadazzle said...

I like it! Imagine all the color possibilities! Using this for my class :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! After a snow day on Friday, I was less-than-prepared for my afternoon classes today! I needed something wintery, yet basic for my Special Needs classes (grades 1-3). This is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I'll try wich my little students.
Gwénaëlle, France

Hoots and Hollers said...

Love this project! So easy, but the kids' creations are so striking. I am sharing the project on my blog this week along with another of your winter projects that my fellow teacher's kids created. They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing all of you great ideas...

Smiles & Happy Creating,
Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers