Jan 24, 2012

Bernard Hoyes-Inspired Dancing Lady

Jamaican-born artist Bernard Hoyes is a Caribbean national who has served his country well. Now residing in California, Hoyes is among the most widely collected and exhibited of contemporary artists. Through his art, many have been able to connect with Jamaica’s colorful traditions and culture.
1. Past experience has proven that students almost always draw images too small, so requiring art to touch all four sides of the paper helps to eliminate this tendency. Give each student an 8.5"x11" piece of paper and ask them to draw two hands as indicated in diagram #1.
2. A simple dress is drawn connected to the hands, with a hem that touches the bottom of the paper. No feet are necessary, just a simple outline of a dress.
3. A neck and head are added, either straightforward or at an angle.
4. A turban and center knot that touch the top of the paper are added. Once the drawing is done, all the pencil lines are traced with a thick black marker. The skin is colored, along with the dress and background.


K-Sue said...

We did this before, and loved it! I had the students do both a man and a woman. We were working with big paper, so we drew wondows so teh subjects were touchng the top, bottom, sides of the window.

Anonymous said...

One of these paintings hangs right above this screen on my computer nook wall. It was one of the first prints my husband and I bought for our first home. My son was enamoured with is as a baby. SO COOL!